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Ahi Tuna Parfait With Wasabi Tobiko Vinaigrette
Barley Mushroom Soup
California Rolls
California Sushi Roll
Carpaccio Of Salmon
Clear Fish Soup
Cold Soba For Four
Crab and Cha Somen Noodle Sushi
Crayfish Sushi
Crispy Wasabi Gaufrettes
Japanese Sushi
Japanese Sushi And Miso Soup
Japanese Teriyaki Marinade
Manchurian Sauce
Mascarpone Dip
Miso Broth With Tatsoi-enoki Salad
Nasu Karashi Sumiso-ae (Eggplant with Mustard and Miso Dressing)
Rice Salad With Wasabi Dressing
Salmon Sushi
Seared Sirloin, Sushi Style
Seaweed Straws
Smoked Chicken, Avocado And Plum Tomato Tower
Smoked Salmon Sushi Balls
Spicy Tuna Roll
Sunomomo Dressing For Japanese Pickles
Sushi Rolled In Seaweed
Sushi With Shrimp
Toriwasa (Chicken and Parsely With Horesradish Sauce)
Tosa Joyu (Delicate Soy-based Dipping Sauce For Sashimi)
Tosa Joyu (Soy-based Dipping Sauce For Sashimi)
Tuna Tartare-stuffed Cucumbers
Tuna with Avocado and Wasabi Compote and Chinese Taro Pot
Wasabi Ceviche Snapper Salad
Wasabi Crab Dip
Wasabi Dipping Sauce
Wasabi Mayonnaise
Wasabi Mousse
Wasabi Oil
Wasabi Sauce
Wasabi Sauce
Wasabi Teriyaki Nuts
Wasabi Tobiko Vinaigrette
Wasabi-ginger Butter
Wasabi-ginger Butter Sauce
Wasabi-serrano Lime Butter
Wok-fried Tempura Ahi

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