Assiniboin Bear Stew -

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Assiniboin Bear Stew

5 lb Bear meat
5 md Dandelion roots, sliced
3 c Maple or birch sap
25 md Arrowhead tubers, sliced
4 c Water
1 Handful fresh mint leaves
2 Thumbnails coltsfoot salt
4 Wild onions
3 Wild leeks, cut up

Trim all fat from the meat and wash well in cold water. Cut the meat into 2-inch cubes. Skewer the mat on a sapling and sear on all sides over an open fire. Pour the sap and water into the plastic liner and add remaining ingredients. Put the sapling basket in the kettle and drop the red hot stones into the basket. As the stones cool, change them to keep the stew simmering for about 45 minutes. Remove the basket and stones and serve the stew as hot as possible.

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